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Looking for beautiful, large pots for your large Nepenthes (Cup plants). We offer various colours, types and sizes of pots especially for this species.


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The carnivorous plant species "Nepenthes" is a tropical variety within the carnivorous plant family and have very specific requirements for their habitat. The Nepenthes is a plant that requires extra attention when looking for a pot. Let's take a look at pots and why they are so special for the Nepenthes.

Finding the right pot is crucial

As we mentioned earlier, the Nepenthes has certain needs, but what exactly are we looking at and what points should I take into account? Let's take a closer look at that.

The drainage

This aspect basically belongs to all carnivorous plants but is even more important with Nepenthes. This tropical plant needs good drainage to prevent the roots from staying wet all the time. This can lead to root rot. This makes a pot with drainage holes essential for Nepenthes. We at have therefore made a selection of pots which are specifically designed with optimal drainage.

Material choice for Nepenthes pots

Besides having an aesthetic impact, the choice of material can also have an impact on the health of carnivorous plants. That is why we at offer pots made of different materials. Consider plastic, ceramic and glass. These all have their own benefits and aesthetic additions.

A practical and lightweight plastic pot

Plastic pots actually weigh nothing at all. This makes these pots a desirable choice because you could hang them with ease or just put them outside. A little nuance for the Nepenthes, yes it can go outside but only with a temperature that does not go below 16 degrees. Should this be the case bring the plant back inside. By the way, not to forget, Our plastic pots are also UV resistant. This ensures that you can enjoy your pots and carnivorous plants indoors and outdoors for years to come.

The stylish ceramic pot

It makes sense that the ceramic pot is many times heavier than its plastic counterpart, this actually ensures that the ceramic pot can serve as a stable and safe base for your plant. It is important to know that all our ceramic pots are glazed on the inside. This actually means that water cannot affect the pot. Why is this important? Minerals can be released that are bad for your Nepenthes and, in addition, water can also seep over your furniture. Well ceramic pots do not have drainage. Here, make sure you keep the soil of the Nepenthes well moist, but do not pour water into it. It is easiest to say that your carnivorous plant soil should not dry out. Besides, our ceramic pots are only meant as indoor pots. If you are in doubt and really want to put your carnivorous plants outside. Please send us a photo or link of the pot on our website. This way we can make direct enquiries with our suppliers. You can always send a message to [email protected].

Glass jars are stylish and practical

Like our ceramic pots, our glass pots are incredibly stylish. They look really awesome indoors. They also give your plants plenty of room to grow and thrive. Basically, the same applies to these pots as to our ceramic pots. These are real indoor pots. If you are in doubt and really want to put your carnivorous plants outside. Send us a picture or link of the pot on our website. That way we can make direct enquiries with our suppliers. You can always send a message to [email protected].

The size of the pots

Nepenthes benefit from tall and also large pots. The reason we say tall is so that the cups do not rest on the table and also not on the ground. In addition, it is useful to look at the size, the size as in diameter. Well we have already sorted out the pots in this category completely to make it easier for you.

How do I maintain my carnivorous plant pots?

Maintaining pots is incredibly important. After all, you want your carnivorous plants to live and thrive in the best possible environment. We wouldn't be if we didn't have a few tips for this:

  • Inspection: This obviously only applies to pots that have drainage holes. By the way, these can only be found in our plastic pots section. With this, you want to check the drainage holes once in a while. This prevents clogging and ensures that excess water can always drain away. Want to know if a pot has drainage holes? We have listed with each pot whether they are present or not.
  • Replacement: This one sounds logical, of course, but always replace damaged or worn pots to maintain the health of your plants.

Care tips for Nepenthes

Taking care of Nepenthes does not end with just watering. Nepenthes also need constant "right" humidity and light conditions. As we mentioned earlier, Nepenthes do best with high humidity and in indirect sunlight. You can influence the humidity by spraying the leaves lightly. If you are looking for an ideal place for indirect light, place your carnivorous plant near an east- or west-facing window. In any case, make sure it is without direct sun.


We at understand that choosing the right pot for your Nepenthes is essential for its health and growth. We therefore have an extensive selection of pots for you. Should you like to know more about the care of the Nepenthes, you will find everything about the Nepenthes in this blog.

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