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Water dishes are perfect for carnivorous plants. This makes it easy to see how much water the plant can handle and you can easily water the plants.


Water plates

When you immerse yourself in the unprecedented world of the carnivorous plant and, of course, want to take care of carnivorous plants yourself, you soon find out how important the right accessories are for carnivorous plants. Indeed, accessories can help carnivorous plants with health and care. We are therefore going to highlight one accessory now, this is the water dish. In our blog, we will therefore take a closer look at water saucers and also why they are such a must-have.

Why water dishes?

In general, water dishes offer a functional advantage that is extremely important for the well-being of carnivorous plants. These saucers come in different variants, such as ceramic and plastic saucers, each with their own functional benefits that suit carnivorous plants. In addition, our water dishes also provide a stable and safe environment for carnivorous plants.

An aesthetic choice

Besides being incredibly functional, we should not forget that a water dish is also an aesthetic addition to your plants and even interior. Indeed, they come in different designs, colours and textures. This makes a water dish an enrichment indoors and outdoors

Incredibly durable material

Ceramic is incredibly weather-resistant and robust, which makes our water dishes so ideal for indoor and outdoor use. In fact, our dishes can withstand the harsh weather elements, from harsh winters to tropical summers. Our dishes do not degrade or emit harmful substances.

Water management

The most important feature of our saucers is their ability to keep humidity levels constant. This is super important for carnivorous plants, which thrive in a humid environment.

The offer of

We at, can nowadays say that we are a leading supplier of carnivorous plants and supplies. We have incredibly widened our range of water dishes in a short time, so that we can cater to all specific carnivorous plant needs. All our water dishes offer both style and functionality.

Different sizes

Our range consists of mostly round saucers of various sizes. We naturally do this so that we can provide all sizes in our carnivorous plant range with a functional, aesthetically pleasing and appropriate water dish. We also use our largest dishes for the swamp tanks. Thus, not only the individual plants are provided, but we can also provide your carnivorous plants as a collection. So it does not matter whether you go for just a Venus flytrap or a beautiful and diverse swamp tub there is always a water dish to suit your needs.

Some tips for our water dishes

We wouldn't be if we didn't have tips, even for our water dishes. The thing is, using water dishes correctly can definitely make a difference in the health and growth of your carnivorous plants. Let's take a look at the tips together:

  1. Placement

It is important to place your saucer on a stable surface. This keeps the water level even and prevents the plant from not being able to absorb moisture or even falling over due to its weight.

  1. Water quality

This has to do with your plants and your water dish. In all cases, even if you decide to top up your water dish, only use rainwater or distilled water for your carnivorous plants, as tap water may contain minerals that can be harmful to the plants.

  1. Regular Cleaning

You can choose to regularly include your water dish in your cleaning. This can prevent an accumulation of minerals, which in turn can affect/affect water quality and plant health.

Reviews and experiences of our customers.

Our customers who have used the water dishes of report that the plants are kept in good health and state of growth. In addition, our customers mention that they are simply super satisfied with their water dishes. This is also partly due to the beautiful and functional designs. What we notice because of this is that the saucers have become a central part of their plant displays and decorations.


The water dish is a crucial component when it comes to the care and maintenance of carnivorous plants. Offering a perfect combination of functionality, durability and aesthetics, this makes our water dishes an excellent choice for the beginner and veteran alike. We believe that when you invest in high-quality accessories or supplies, you can make a significant contribution to both the health and longevity of your plants, while they also look great in your garden or interior.

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