Trumpet pitcher plant (Sarracenia) (20)

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Trumpet pitcher plant (Sarracenia)

The Trumpet Cup Plant (Sarracenia), also known as parrot-beak plant, gets its name from the plant's beautiful appearance. The Trumpet pitcher plant possesses cup-shaped leaves with which the plant attracts insects. The Trumpet pitcher plant belongs to the family Sarraveniaceae, this family includes the genera: Sarracenia, Darlingtonia and Heliamphora.

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Sarracenia: The trap

The Trumpet pitcher plant lures its prey with its pitcher trap. At the top of the inside of the pitcher leaf is a smooth edge with small vertical slits. These vertical grooves prevent the insect from getting a grip on the cup, causing the insect to slide into the cup. Inside the cup of the Trumpet pitcher plant are sturdy hairs that face downwards. The hairs prevent the insect from climbing out of the cup. At the bottom of the cup is an aqueous secretion (enzymes) that digests the prey. However, the aqueous secretion has two functions... besides digesting these tasty morsels, the liquid secretes an attractive smell. This scent is irresistible to insects and lures them into the cup. Besides attractive scents, the Trumpet cup plant also boasts the most beautiful colours. These striking colours are not only attractive to us, it also lures - like the scents - tasty insects.

Trumpet pitcher plant origins

The Trumpet pitcher plant is native to North America. The plant can be seen on the coastal side, large lakes and southeastern Canada. Most species are found in southeastern North America. Like the Venus flytrap, the Sarracenia 'overwinters'. This means that the plant needs a winter rest. Want to know how you can enjoy the Trumpet Cup Plant for years to come? Then read more about its care here.

Trumpet pitcher plant properties

The Trumpet pitcher plant can grow up to 30 to 40 centimetres tall with the right carnivorous plant care! The Trumpet Cup Plant can have multiple colours, such as green, red, purple, yellow and orange. The plant needs sufficient moisture and light. It is also important to keep the plant well moist. After all, it is a bog plant.

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