Australian Pitcher Plant

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This rare Australian pitcher plant (Cephalotus Follicularis) is a very impressive carnivorous plant with hairy pitchers and large "teeth". It is not a beginner's plant. (Dimensions: ø 8.5 cm x ↕ 10 cm)

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Product description

Australian Pitcher Plant

This rare Australian pitcher plant (Cephalotus Follicularis) is a very impressive carnivorous plant with hairy pitchers and large "teeth". It is not a beginner's plant. (Dimensions: ø 8.5 cm x ↕ 10 cm)

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Description Australian Pitcher Plant

There is only one species in this family, and that is the Australian pitcher plant (Cephalotus Follicularis) which is found in a few (small) patches in south-western Australia. Although Cephalotus Follicularis resembles the pitcher plant (Nepenthes) in some characteristics, these plants are not related. The Australian pitcher plant produces both carnivorous leaves (the pitchers) and non-carnivorous leaves. The pitchers are red/purple and have 'big teeth'. The hairs on the pitchers serve as ladders for the insects. Inside the cup, the walls are covered with wax and in combination with the big teeth going inside, the insects will not be able to escape this trap.

Dimensions: (ø 8,5 cm x ↕ 10 cm)


Best quality:Our plants are - through years of experience - healthy, strong and ready to catch insects in your home Rare in the hobby: 

You will not often come across this sturdy and impressive carnivorous plant, but it is a wonderful plant to have in your home. With good care, the Australian Cup Plant can grow very large and have more than 15 cups.

Australian Pitcher Plant Care

Although it is not very difficult to care for, the Australian Cup Plant is not a beginner's plant. On the carnivorous plant care page, we have typed out the care tips, so that you can review them at any time and enjoy your Cephalotus for a long time. You will also receive, with your order, a printed sheet with all the care tips for this beautiful species.


Specifications for: Australian Pitcher Plant

  • Height 10cm
  • Pot size ø 8,5cm
  • Insect choice Flies, mosquitoes and wasps
  • Care Easy
  • Warranty Growth & Flowering Guarantee
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  • Location Indoor and outdoor
  • Colour Green, red, purple

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Shipping & Care products

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Do you have a question about this product?

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User reviews 4.95 / 5Reviews:(21)

  • AO By Alessandro - 30-08-2023 14:59

    5 / 5

    È stupenda Grazie, consiglierò il vostro store

  • LR By Logather - 21-08-2023 18:12

    5 / 5

    Interessantes Produkt, entsprach genau der Beschreibung, alles heil und gut verpackt angekommen. jetzt muss es nur noch wachsen.

    • +5
    • -0

  • FB By Fab - 29-06-2023 09:24

    5 / 5

    Très bien pour une personne comme moi qui connaît ses plantes.

    • +Bien
    • -Rien

  • TT By Thorsten Trantow - 28-06-2023 16:45

    5 / 5

    Pflanze kam in einem super Zustand bei mir an und wirkt gesund und üppig.

    • +Schnelle, sichere Lieferung

  • DE By Douwe - 07-04-2023 13:07

    5 / 5

    Plante pleine et saine avec de nombreuses coupes (beaucoup plus que sur la photo). Presque toutes les coupes sont immatures et il n'y a pas encore beaucoup de couleur ou de feuilles, mais on espère que cela viendra au fur et à mesure que la plante grandira.

  • CT By Christ - 07-04-2023 09:33

    5 / 5

    Schöne volle Pflanze und gut verpackt

  • IP By IP - 06-04-2023 17:21

    5 / 5

    Ich habe sie verschenkt: ein Muss für jeden erfahrenen Liebhaber fleischfressender Pflanzen, den ich kenne. Die Tassen kommen in der Tat sehr klein und grün, aber veeeeeery viele Tassen. Gut verpackt und pünktlich erhalten. Toppie!

  • VH By van Hurck - 06-04-2023 15:28

    5 / 5

    Belle plante, bien emballée et livraison rapide. Rien à redire !

  • TB By ThomasB - 06-04-2023 14:16

    5 / 5

    Habe hier schon mehrere Male Pflanzen bestellt. Schnelle Lieferung. Schöne gesunde Pflanze. Jetzt lassen Sie es schön wachsen und hoffen, dass es einige fängt

  • AS By Adriana Sousa - 05-04-2023 17:10

    5 / 5

    Schön! Die Pflanzen sind so ordentlich verpackt! Ich nein sie eine große 10 ! Der Kundenservice ist auch großartig!

  • SV By Sandra van der Leij - 05-04-2023 16:49

    5 / 5

    Mooie plant met goede verzorgingsadviezen geleverd

  • TJ By Thierry JUDEY - 14-12-2022 11:09

    5 / 5

    Pas le genre le plus difficile mais assez capricieux dans le temps. J'ai possédé de beaux exemplaires dans le passé qui ont disparu sans que j'ai de réelles explications de la cause.

    • +Plante unique de petite taille qui peut se plaire dans des expositions différentes.
    • -Conservation assez aléatoire dans le temps.

  • ML By michel - 15-11-2022 19:50

    5 / 5

    bonjour, j'ai bien reçu la plante, très jolie a suivre l'évolution. Merci

  • CN By Carsten - 08-11-2022 20:18

    5 / 5

    Schöne gesunde Pflanze und der Topf ist auch gut gefüllt. Empfehlenswert.

  • JH By Joseph - 17-10-2022 10:50

    4 / 5

    Era un regalo e sono rimasti cpntenti

  • JE By Janice - 31-08-2022 12:07

    5 / 5

    I have already had a plant, but unfortunately it did not survive. I think I know what I did wrong so I will try again.

  • FN By Fabian - 24-08-2022 10:47

    5 / 5

    Good qualitiy and fair price. The plant was healthy and save stored in the package. :)

  • FN By Fabian - 24-08-2022 10:45

    5 / 5

    Good Qualitiy and a fair price. The plant was healty and save sended. :) Thanks

  • NR By Nadia R. - 17-08-2022 11:33

    5 / 5

    Plante en parfait état, très bien emballée, envoi rapide

  • CA By Corma - 08-06-2022 14:21

    5 / 5

    Very nice sweet little plant. Funny to see how it can grow like that. Great!!!

  • TA By Theodor Antoniou - 08-06-2022 14:13

    5 / 5

    Very nice and interesting plant. Nice to see how the little cups grow and I even get nice green leaves now.

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    Australian Pitcher Plant

    Australian Pitcher Plant

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