Venus Flytrap 'The Red Dragon'

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A rare and very impressive Venus Flytrap (Akai ryu - 'Red dragon') from North America. This Venus Fly Trap has rare dark red 'mouths'. (Dimensions: ø 8,5 cm x ↕ 10 cm)

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Product description

Venus Flytrap 'The Red Dragon'

A rare and very impressive Venus Flytrap (Akai ryu - 'Red dragon') from North America. This Venus Fly Trap has rare dark red 'mouths'. (Dimensions: ø 8,5 cm x ↕ 10 cm)

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Description Venus Flytrap (dark red)

The Venus flytrap (Dionaea Muscipula) has an iconic appearance and is undoubtedly the most well-known carnivorous plant. Compared to its sisters, this flytrap plant is COMPULSELY (dark)RED. The plant contains all sorts of stems (leaves) with small 'mouths', also known as the closing trap. The scents of the leaf halves lure the prey to feed on the plant. Insects land on the leaves because of the irresistible colours and scents. When the insect touches three feeler hairs within 20 seconds, the trap closes and the insect is digested. The insect's nutrients serve as food for the carnivorous plant. This efficient and impressive plant is not to be missed in your living room.

Dimensions: (ø 8,5 cm x ↕ 10 cm)


Best quality: Through years of experience, our plants are healthy, strong and ready to catch insects in your home.

This is the Venus flytrap 'dark red' . There are three different colours of Venus flytraps on offer in this web shop. Choose your favourite colour and simply order your own Venus flytrap from our web shop.

Care Venus flytrap (dark red)

Important: when you buy your own Venus flytrap you will receive a list of care tips so that you can enjoy your own Venus flytrap for years to come.


Specifications for: Venus Flytrap 'The Red Dragon'

  • Height 10cm
  • Pot size ø 8,5cm
  • Insect choice Flies, mosquitoes and wasps
  • Care Easy
  • Warranty Growth & Flowering Guarantee
  • View all specifications
  • Location Indoor and outdoor
  • Colour Red

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Shipping & Care products

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Do you have a question about this product?

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User reviews 5 / 5Reviews:(5)

  • HB By HenkB - 15-02-2024 14:26

    5 / 5

    Die Pflanze kam gesund und munter an

  • NV By NV - 15-02-2024 14:25

    5 / 5

    Très belle plante avec de nombreux pièges, ce qui témoigne d'une bonne qualité. Actuellement, les pièges sont encore très petits, mais la plante se porte très bien. Très satisfait de la livraison rapide à BE et du bon service après-vente !

  • VB By Van baaren - 07-04-2023 09:31

    5 / 5

    Schöne Pflanzen

  • NV By NV - 08-06-2022 11:54

    5 / 5

    Very beautiful plant with many traps, which shows good quality. Currently the traps are still very small, but the plant is doing very well. Very satisfied with the fast delivery to BE and the good aftercare!

  • HB By HenkB - 07-06-2022 15:02

    5 / 5

    La plante est arrivée saine et en bonne santé

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    Venus Flytrap 'The Red Dragon'

    Venus Flytrap 'The Red Dragon'

    € 11,99 € 10,99 4,9 / 5 - 260 Reviews @ Google mijn Bedrijf