Which soil is best for carnivorous plants?

Which soil is best for carnivorous plants?

We know by now that carnivorous plants are a fascinating addition to any plant collection. They owe this to their unique eating habits and stunning appearance.

To give carnivorous plants a good chance to grow, it is important that they also get soil that suits them perfectly. We at understand this, which is why we have the perfect soil for you and your carnivorous plants. Let's take a closer look at that in this blog. 

How important is good earth?

As we know, carnivorous plants live on nutrient-poor soil, as they have specific growing conditions that most other houseplants do not have. A nutrient-poor soil is one of them. Carnivorous plants naturally grow up in moist and nutrient-poor environments, such as bogs and moors. It is therefore crucial to mimic their conditions as closely as possible.

Nutrient-poor soil

Carnivorous plants are known to get their nutrients from captured insects and not from the soil. This means that nutrient-rich soil on top of the fact that they catch insects could be incredibly harmful. In addition, nutrient-poor soil is also a form of stimulus, the carnivorous plant now needs to catch its insects to grow. You could almost say that nutrient-rich soil could make plants lazy in addition to damaging. But what then is so harmful about nutrient-rich soil? It could, in fact, be that the carnivorous plant's roots could burn due to excess fertilisers.

Good drainage

Although carnivorous plants naturally thrive incredibly well in a humid environment, it is important to avoid problems such as root rot. Therefore, you need a soil that drains water well but can still retain some moisture, this is essential. A carnivorous plant likes constant, yet subtle humidity around its roots.

Why earth from is a specialised online shop when it comes to carnivorous plant care. Our carnivorous plant soil is specifically formulated to meet the plants' unique requirements. Let's take a closer look at the benefits.

Our specially formulated mix

Our carnivorous plant soil is a precise and carefully composed mix of peat and perlite. This combination ensures good drainage and the important nutrient-poor condition required by the carnivorous plant.

pH value

Carnivorous plants are also known to live on an acidic soil, i.e. a low pH We have adapted our soil to this requirement, so that in addition to drainage and nutrient-poor, we can also provide the right acidity.

Convenience and reliability

When you buy soil from, you can completely eliminate the worries and guesswork surrounding the care of carnivorous plants. This ensures that anyone who loves carnivorous plants can keep carnivorous plants with peace of mind. Our soil offers the ready-made solution for your carnivorous plants.By choosing's soil, growers can take the guesswork out of caring for their plants. This soil offers a turnkey solution that provides the necessary conditions for growing healthy, thriving carnivorous plants.

Tips on using the right soil

When repotting a carnivorous plant, it is important to observe some guidelines:

  • Avoid standard potting soil: In almost all cases, it is far too nutrient-rich and can greatly damage the roots of your carnivorous plant.
  • Watering: For carnivorous plants, only use rainwater, reverse osmosis water or distilled water. This is because tap water may contain minerals that can accumulate in the soil and cause damage.
  • Pot choice: For carnivorous plants, only use pots with good drainage holes so you can easily drain excess water and prevent root rot.


We at understand that it is incredibly important to use the right soil to provide your carnivorous plant with the right growth, growing and living conditions. Our specially formulated soil contains a perfect mix of nutrient-poor substance, perfect drainage and optimal pH. By using this soil in combination with the right water and pot choice, you can provide your carnivorous plant with the best conditions. Start creating the right habitat for your carnivorous plants today and order the soil as soon as possible.

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