Carnivorous plant that catches mosquitoes

Carnivorous plant that catches mosquitoes

Carnivorous plants are masters at catching mosquitoes and flies. They are also your best friend at night. When you can't sleep because of those irritating buzzing insects, the carnivorous plant is your very best friend. Want to learn more about these fascinating plants? Then read our blog.

You know the ones... the sleepless nights due to that endless buzzing. Lights on, lights off, but nothing seems to help. Then you go back to work with puffiness. Of course there are many solutions against mosquitoes or flies. However, many of those options are unnatural and also bad for your health. A plant that eats mosquitoes? Wouldn't that be the ideal option? A plant that dresses up your room nicely and is also efficient....

Types of carnivorous plants

Online you often come across different stories. Some work, others do not. This is not surprising. Just as not all herbs serve for the same healing effect, carnivorous plants do not all catch the same insects. There are many different species of carnivorous plants, and each carnivorous plant has a different trap with which they lure certain types of insects. Among these species are certainly carnivorous plants that catch mosquitoes, among other things. Often you will see on the Internet that the Venus flytrap is a mosquito trap. However, a mosquito is (mostly) too small for this carnivorous plant. In the trap of the Venus flytrap are small sensors that transmit signals to the plant. When a fly lands in the trap and touches at least two of the sensors within 20 seconds, its mouth immediately closes. A mosquito is too small to set off the sensors. The Venus fly trap, however, can (largely) solve your fly problem.

Which carnivorous plant eats mosquitoes?

The DroseraCapensis (Alba), or tropical Sundew, is good at catching small insects. Like the Sundew, the Mexican Greasewood (Pinguicula Tina) is also a blast at catching insects. This includes not only mosquitoes, but also fruit flies. Beautiful and useful in the kitchen! The sundew (mosquito) lures its prey with its unique appearance. The plant is not called the sundew for nothing. The plant has beautiful stems with small dewdrops. These dewdrops smell irresistible to insects and look like refreshing morning drops. What is also convenient is that the Drosera Sundew can catch many insects at the same time.

Carnivorous plant against mosquitoes, how does it work?

  • The mosquitoes or other insects are lured by the beautiful colors and irresistible smells;
  • The insects stick to the droplets;
  • The leaf of the Sundew folds around the insects;
  • Finally, the carnivorous plant will digest the insects in order to absorb essential nutrients.

Buy your own mosquito-eating plant

In the webshop of you can buy the most beautiful carnivorous plants. The sundew can of course also be found at You will find the sundew in a handy 'carnivorous plant mix' in our webshop. The correct care tips for the sundew and the Mexican butterwort can be found under carnivorous plant care. In this way you can buy handy and beautiful carnivorous plants for a good price, and with the care tips you can enjoy the plants for years to come.

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