Carnivorous plants in spring

Carnivorous plants in spring

What is important to know about carnivorous plants in the spring? Are there specific things to consider? Read our interesting blog.

It's March again and spring has already officially begun. Delightful! Not only for us, but also for our carnivorous plants! They can now grow nicely again and catch lots of insects. Like many plants, most carnivorous plant families have a growth and a rest period. When you work with a rest period and a growth period, the plant will be healthier. This is because you are imitating the actual natural environment of the plant. As a result, the plant will be healthier and grow better. Before I tell more about the growth period, I will first explain something about the rest period.

Resting period carnivorous plant

The dormancy period takes place in the autumn. It starts when the weather gets colder, so around September/October. The dormancy period comes after the growth period. Therefore you must reduce the care. You do this by giving the plant less and less water. The idea is that by the end of October you only need to water a little every week. It is important that the soil in which the plant stands remains moist. The plant also needs less light.

Which plants need a rest and winter period?

The Venus flytrap, some non-tropical Droseras (Sundew), Sarracenia (Trumpet cup plants) and Pinguicula Tina's (The Fat Leaf) need a rest period. Sarracenias and Venus flytraps can even be left outside in winter, provided they have always been outside and thus have had time to get used to the temperature differences. Do bring these plants inside when it really starts to freeze. The best way to get the carnivorous plants used to the weather is to put them outside in the summer and then let them gradually get used to the temperature.

In winter, many of these species, like trees and plants, will lose their stems or leaves and become small. All the energy goes to the source of the plant (the rhizome). During the growth period, all this energy is used (again) for the optimal growth of the plant.

Growth period carnivorous plants

That brings us to the growth period itself. The growth period starts in Spring, so around March/April. The plants will be much smaller than they normally are in the beginning. This is not a problem at all. Because of the rest period, the plant has been able to save a lot of energy. This energy is now put into the growth and into the traps. Your carnivorous plant will become more beautiful and larger during the period. Just as you reduce the care in the rest period, you build up the care again in the growth period. Slowly give the plants more and more water. Also, the plant can be nice in the sunlight again. This will really 'charge' them. Make sure you water your carnivorous plant again around the end of April. Many of the above species can be placed on a bowl / tray with water again in the period. On our care page for carnivorous plants you can read more about this per species.

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